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Meet The Artists: Meet The Team

Anjana G

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Anjana G


Hi there, I'm Anjana and I just completed my Bachelors in Architecture a few months back. I am now aspiring to be a full time artist, dedicating most of my time to art.
I have always been inclined to art, ever since I was a child. Due to higher studies, I was unable to make time for art. But only when I joined my B.Arch course did I realise how passionate I was about painting, It was my way of escaping the reality and all the stressful assignments during college. Making art for me is like therapy and my way of relieving stress.
Sometime during my B.Arch course, 3 years ago, I decided to take it a step further and put my art out there by creating my Instagram page. I have been painting my heart out ever since and haven't looked back.
Today, I feel that it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The number of wonderful, like-minded people I've met on my art journey is incredible and their words of encouragement have made me believe in myself and have made me more confident than ever.

Meet The Artists: Team Members

Anwesha Singh

Engineering Student

Hi, my name is Anwesha, and I am an engineering student.
It is said that until something is taken from you, you don't realise it's worth, and that is exactly my story.
In my school days, I used be an active participant in any art and craft event, be it decorating the soft board or creating greetings cards for teachers.
When I entered high school, I gave all my time to studies, and hardly gave any time to my art. Following that, I started studying engineering, and I hardly got any time for art again.
But then the lockdown happened, and it was a blessing in disguise for me. I started to invest my free time into my art and started an Instagram page, and here I am now. 


Rahul Kadam


 I am Architect Rahul Kadam. I am from the beautiful village of Konkan in Maharashtra. I love to listen old retro music and to sketch. I also have a penchant for different types of pens and sketchbooks which help me improve my sketching skills. 

         I love to sketch because it gives me happiness. I feel blessed whenever someone tells me that my work inspired them to try their hand at sketching. Those who have just started sketching or are thinking of doing so, I just want give them one advice, which is "Practice". Keep practicing and you'll be able to reach the stars.

Meet The Artists: Team Members
Shivangi Sharma.jpg

Shivangi Sharma


Hi! I am Shivangi.

When I was a child, I would always get the sudden urge of wanting a blank sheet of paper and colors whenever I saw something beautiful. Then life happened and I got busy with my corporate career. However, in the lockdown I got time to unwind and rediscover some of my favorite childhood activities.

After a prolonged hiatus, when I picked up my paint brushes, I realized how much I love the process. Over the last year, I have not let a single day go by without creating art. I just love how you can turn a blank sheet of paper into anything you want: a memory, a moment, a view, an idea. I guess that’s what being an artist is all about!


Shivani Shah


I've always been inclined towards art, but it was only recently that I took it up as an intentional hobby. My main motive behind doing so was to evolve a means for me to loosen up, slow down, not be so hung up and to not be so discouraged by the finesse of the final work. Instead, I wanted to learn to be comfortable progressing at the pace of one step at a time, without being too hard on myself.

Art is my way of relaxing, and finding time to be present in the moment, reflective and at peace with my current self. It's been a process to find this place of comfort, but now that I have found it, I would encourage everyone out there to look for a space that does the same for them. 

Meet The Artists: Team Members

Upasona Paul

Student of Zoology

Hello! My name is Upasona Paul and I am from Assam. Currently, I am a student, pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Zoology.

Art has been my passion since childhood. It gives me mental and inner peace. My journey of painting and posting on Instagram started only in September 2020, when someone close to my heart encouraged me to follow my passion. I was amazed at the response I received on social media, decided there and then to dedicate myself to my art part-time, and I have never looked back!

Pablo Picasso said "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" and this thought really resonates with me, so I encourage you all to stop worrying about whether you're "good" or "skilled" and just give art a try yourself. You might find the same peace I did.

Meet The Artists: Team Members
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